Bon temps, New Orleans!

Last night when we sat down with our bowls of gumbo to watch the second half of the Super Bowl, we did so expecting to see odds makers' predictions realized.

I am not a football fan and my feelings for New Orleans are complicated by an old, unassailable grief. But today there is no ambivalence; I shine for my friends and clients in New Orleans and Louisiana who have lost so much and worked endless hours to rebuild their lives and this most unusual American city. The Saints victory is symbolic, a metaphor of redemption for a place that could use a big ol' fashioned pat on the back. I suspect it will be difficult to find Louisianans in their offices between now and Fat Tuesday.

Party hearty, mon amis. And if you feel like knitting, here is a fleur de lis pattern from Noelle's Noodles written for the Cloths for Katrina drive in 2005.

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