Book 'em

This is the cat-eared novel I've been poking at, low these many years.

With Nanowrimo winding down today, it seemed like a good time to talk about progress--and process.

Completing one of these things is nothing if not like finishing a challenging, top-down sweater. Chapters get frogged. Characters tried on and discarded. Embellishments rejected. And the difficult bits, the twists and turns of personality and plot that drive the reader through the work, get reworked and reworked as solutions to problems in one chapter create additional issues to be addressed further on. (Much like getting proper armhole fit helps determine design direction going forward.)

Right now the impulse to finish is strong, and by finishing, I mean the completion of a raw, basted-together first cut.  Then it needs to be read and workshopped and blocked into shape to meet agents, and hopefully, editors and publishers.

That this is a dreadful time to be completing a first novel has occurred to me. This book will go into the world at a time when print as a medium is in crisis, publishers are loathe to bet on untried authors, and Oprah has decided to get off the couch. 

But I'm ready for these people to pack their valises and move out of my head. It is high, high time. 

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