Braciole recipe

All this butterflying, browning and simmering started with this: The Rigatoni with Sunday Gravy at Table Tales.

So to celebrate Nake-id IT's birthday, we commenced. Inspired by the following blog posts here and here, we decided to start with braciole (pronounced bra-jool). Braciole is a rolled slice of beef that's been pounded and layered with salt and pepper, romano cheese, parsley, garlic and breadcrumbs--anything, really that suits your fancy. We used flank steak that Mitch marinated overnight in wine and then butterflyed slicing it horizontally.

Then he pounded it under plastic wrap--to curtail any errant flecks of meat from going airborne.

Dusted and slathered with goodies.


Roll the steak from one butterfly wing to the other and secure with kitchen twine or skewers. Brown all sides in olive oil.


Then simmer for hours in homemade red sauce preferably made with San Marzano or San Marzano-style tomatoes. Our meat fell appart completely; if you want it to retain a pretty rolled aspect, cook it a bit less.

Then manga! We loved it!

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November 3. 2009 11:17


OH MY GOSH.  That looks delightful.  YUM!

Christie |

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