Burning question of our time: What to wear under your knit skirt?

Unless you want to line your handknit skirt, you will wear a slip.

You will wear a slip because like me you have a mother voice inside your head that says, "I can see right through to your legs!" everytime you step out of the house without one. That and there's the matter of the unslightly butt-shaped pouch you'll have to block out after every wearing if you don't. See above.

Personally, I wear a dreadful nylon thing purchased so many decades ago the label reads: Made in the USA. Not ideal, it peeks from underneath hems and requires regular adjusting during the day. I also bought this shaping garment, thinking it was a slip, only to find these hideous "boy shorts" contained inside. The thing is hot and becomes a complete puzzle whenever it needs to be lifted. I loathe it.

I had one of these I rather liked, but it disappeared during an intense spate of business travel, during which I left clothing all over the country, like breadcrumbs or something. What must the housekeeping staff at those hotels think?

Right now I'm liking this. Not too slippery, plenty short and reasonably priced. And with just enough lycra for support.

A good slip, well, it just makes a girl feel fully dressed.



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