Button-Up-This-Sweater Contest

Seedling from Cheryl Oberle's Knitted Jackets in Noro Silk Garden Lite, doubled

I'm so accustomed to "effing" up my sweaters that I was convinced that the above would require serious surgery before meeting the public. So into a plastic bag it went, where it lived for months amidst the dust, viewbooks and errant skeins that make my office such a showplace.

Feeling an uncharacteristic need for order, I conducted an archaelogical dig of the atelier prior to the holiday and rediscovered this unfinished pretty among the ruins. Looking at it with fresh eyes, I was overjoyed to discover I had not boloxed it up and that all it needed to become a sweater was a button band and buttons.

Hence the contest.

My statistics show that there are many of you out there who are choosing to remain mum. Either you are shy or listened to your mother when she said, "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all."

Here's your opening: I'm offering something very cool from my stash, if you can guess correctly which buttons I chose to sew onto this cardigan. Hint: I used four of the same vintage buttons and did not mix-and-match. The button I chose is displayed in the above photograph.

Comment with a description of the button and your email address. Deadline for guessing is Dec. 16, Beethoven's birthday.

I'll post prize photos tomorrow. Happy guessing!

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November 30. 2009 11:34


I'm going to guess it's the button at the bottom of your button band, but I'd really like to be able to zoom in and see the choices close-up.

threadingwater |

November 30. 2009 11:52


Duh. Linked the photo to Flickr. Should get a big view now!

leslie |

November 30. 2009 15:01


I'm changing my vote.  I think it's the one to the far right in the photo.  It has deep lines etched into one side and what looks like a piece of thread trailing out one of the holes.

threadingwater |

November 30. 2009 15:55


I leave comments...don't I?

I say the barrel toggle at the top of the button band.

Christie |

November 30. 2009 18:10


I'm hoping it's the flower-shaped button on the button band. That's the second one from the top. I think it's by far the cutest and best suited (but what do I know?


Susan |

November 30. 2009 23:44


So I haven't commented here before.. I've been reading faithfully though Smile If I were to pick a button.. I'd go for the button that's on the right, kinda greenish looking, with the almost crisscrossing arches on it. I want those for myself! I love em Smile

Jen |

December 1. 2009 10:59


I'm betting on the one at the bottom of the button band.  Attractive and classic for a simple and gorgeous little jacket.

Lee |

December 2. 2009 00:36


I'm betting on the small flower-like button, second down on the button band. It's got a ripply texture that echoes the seed stitch, and that rather appeals to me. Beautiful sweater!

Gladys |

December 5. 2009 08:47


I have come back to look at the button choices several times now just to see if I still prefer my first, gut-reaction, choice. Yes. Yes, I do.  Go with the fluted button on the band, second from the top.  It doesn't distract from the whole and it's harmonious without being boring.

Jocelyn |

December 5. 2009 23:17


I also select the button in the lower right corner. Greenish, thread-trailing, 2 intersecting pairs of line... It seems like apopular chice, so if it's correct, do we all arm-wrestle?

Anne |

December 9. 2009 18:33


That's a very pretty sweater!

I would have to say the second one down on the button band too. I definitely think that one would be the prettiest choice to go with the color and texture of the sweater.

Yasmin |

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