Cabling my way to the second ring of hell

OK, some of you teach, so you'll understand my dilemma. You reach a place in a class where suddenly the material catches up with your skills. Like the class I'm teaching Thursday on how to fix cabling mistakes.

I understand the concepts. But the last time I tried “laddering down” to fix a cable, I ended up with something that looked more like a game of cat's cradle than knitting.

Any thoughts? Or should I just pass out shot glasses and call it a day?

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March 4. 2008 08:18


Do you have knitter-friends living near you and who are more experienced in this area?  Invite them over as guest teachers ... bribe them with delicious food or yummy yarns!  Smile

Agnes |

March 9. 2008 00:58


I vote for the shots....maybe Wild Turkey?....actually it was fine and I got the jist of it...don't beat yourself are a great was fun and that is important.

lynn |

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