Can this sweater be saved?

See this beauty? Caitlin's mother knit it for her...low these many years ago when we didn't care that Lopi itched. I'm thinking late '70s?

Bet she steeked it, too.

Anyway, I helped pack a few boxes for the Big Move--Caitlin and her family moved houses this weekend--and along with a stack of good books to read I came away with the Icelandic fixer-upper pictured above. The thing's been assaulted by moths--or silverfish--the brutes and as Caitlin was about to consign it to the rag bag, I whipped it out of her hands to mend. A little darning and a good bath...I can just picture Caitlin's daughter, Emily, rocking this vintage darling with skinny jeans and Doc Martens.

(Note to Emily: You can score previously loved Docs on Ebay for about $75. Time to raise your baby sitting fees!)


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