Canvas and Cocktails

You won't find this in the next MOMA Biennial.

The above was painted at Canvas and Cocktails, which offers an extremely basic acrylic painting workshop, under the influence. Wearing a microphone, the artist/DJ guides swarms of would-be painters--mostly women--in step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the night's featured painting. Between each step she blares motivational music--Lady Gaga, Gloria Gaynor--and encourages participants to loosen up, table their perfectionism and drink.

Most fun I've had on a week night in ages.

We spoke with the owner, who said this is the only studio of its kind that combines music with painting and tippling.

It's brilliant. How can we make it work for knitting?

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April 23. 2010 13:33


How fun!  Music and knitting is one thing, but as we all know from experience, adding cocktails to the mix is a recipe for frogging.  Unless it turns into a fun free form exercise.

christie |

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