Cashmere and cupholders

We are playing a little game of chance in our spinning group--spinning poker--that involves choosing cards from spinning categories and then creating a yarn from those cards.

I selected "super bulky," "luxury fiber," "two-ply," "socks" and "four colors."

We only need to use four of our five cards. I was going to toss socks (super bulky socks?) but now might jettison "super bulky," and spin for socks. Mighty soft socks.

And, I've cheated, selecting a 20/80 cashmere/merino from Color Craze Fiber, instead of a 100 percent exotic. A girl's gotta think of her pocketbook.

We'll see what waltzes onto the bobbin.

Also, while we were all spinning, I joked that we needed cup holders for our wheels. Turns out, there's an Etsy vendor who does just that. Domestically produced plastic cup holders for spinning wheels. American ingenuity at its finest.

Crafting. I swear, it's the answer to our economic woes.

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