Cat on Quilt: A Not-So Still Life


Maybe its my hunger for instant gratification. That need for a finished object that doesn't take six months and require therapeutic intervention. Maybe it's the appreciation of one craftsman for the handiwork of another, but I keep dragging home textiles. Stained linen napkins. Tatted pillow cases. Embroidered dresser scarves. In recent weeks I trotted home laden with a crocheted bedspread, a Civil-War era coverlet, and the quilt above, which, as you can see, the cat approves of mightily.

When Mitch questioned whether we could accommodate all these new linens in our tiny linen closet, I answered, "Why, Baby, these aren't new."

A right and proper response; the quilt pictured was made circa 1910.

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June 9. 2010 08:15


Antone models it so well!

Caitlin |

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