Celebrating summer's end

In my mind, Sept. 1 marks the end of summer. Having never really left school—I’m forever bashing about college campuses—the year starts in the fall and ends in late spring. That’s when we had proper school years that started after Labor Day and continued into the first days of June.


I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait until summer ended and spent hours planning my outfit for the first day of school. Today, I find myself in a similar state of anticipation—delighted that this long, hot slog of a summer is coming to an end. There’s a bite of fall in the air, sweaters to be worn and summer’s tedious projects put to bed.


Anyone else glad that summer’s over?

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August 29. 2006 00:14


In a word? Yes!

Wendy |

August 29. 2006 00:51


If and when summer ever does end here, I will be beyond grateful.  It looks to cool down next week, but I never trust September-it has been known to play practical jokes with the cooling down and the heating up.

Bring on sweater and jeans weather!

jenifleur |

August 29. 2006 01:28


I will be SO GLAD when summer is over!!  Unfortunately, in Dallas that actually means October or so (for the weather getting cooler, anyway!).

chris |

August 29. 2006 01:54


Word.  This summer has been a long hard grueling one for me.  And that's even besides living in the warm damp sponge they call D.C. summer.

J Strizzy |

August 29. 2006 09:25


Definitely ready for summer's end.  I love sweaters!  Wisconsin was a little too hot and dry this summer.  I am looking forward to cooler, snowy type weather...

John |

June 29. 2007 16:48


It's gorgeous. I'm actually house hunting right now, but it's just too far of a commute to Toronto.

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