Change-your-life (a little) Monday

Few products (apart from medication) deserve the imprimatur--life-changing. A good pinot can be very, very good but hardly life-changing. Likewise the discovery of an amazing roquefort, a lovely happenstance but hardly transformative.

Yet, there are these things that come around every once in a while that shift things every so slightly. For instance:

Being more of a Type Loosey-Goosey than Type A, I've always just tossed my keys into my purse or jeans or coat pocket or onto my desk or dining room table or somewhere and usually this works just fine. Until it doesn't and a desperate search ensues. A friend recently gave me something like the above and I thought, "Hmmph," but then deployed it. Low and behold, I'm no longer fumbling in the bowels of my bag for keys in sub-Arctic parking lots or juggling keys, bag and groceries or misplacing them as often. (The "key", of course, is remembering to hang them purse-side.)


Meet the Loose Leaf Extra Fine Infuser. This ingenious contraption allows tea to bloom in its large basket, keeps it warm while it steeps and rinses out in a trice. And it can be deployed in your favorite mug or china pot, just amend the amount of tea. In love! 

If you live at or below the 32nd parallel, ignore this message. This is for the rest of us who from October to May itch like mad dogs in those tender, unspeakable places, those refuges for bacteria and dry skin, those armpits. Maybe you've tried steroidal creams, expensive ungents or petroleum jelly? They work to a point. But the cure lies in the fruit pictured above. Slather yourself generously in unrefined, organic avocado oil post shower and bid the itchies, adios. Yes, you'll smell like an over-ripe Cobb salad, but the odor dissipates quickly and the oil can be overlayed with a favorite scented lotion. I get mine here. (Avocado oil is also a reported wrinkle reducer.)



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