Chihuahua-related knitting swag

My chihuahua obsession has reared its apple-shaped head once again. If it weren't for the Big Guy--16-years-old and counting--I'd probably convince the other Big Guy that peace in the home (for him) means augmenting our little family with a tiny dog.

In the meantime, I indulge fantasies of girl-avec-dog-in-bag (ahem, middle-aged broad with dog in bag) with the occasional bit of chihuahua swag. Such as the following:

A knitting bag procured from Mona Lucero's in Denver. (She's opening an online boutique soon, so even you far-flung knitters can have your own bow-wow bag.)

May have to knit one of these to keep chihuahuas at bay:

From DigKnitty Designs


Is this going too far?

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March 23. 2009 16:43


Please! a chihuahua?  if you need a small dog go for something slightly larger than a rat.  Try a dachshund...we can attest to their brilliance and ability to win over males in the family.  Or a pug...bright and fun.

John |

March 23. 2009 17:15


I'm not a big fan of chihuahuas...other than saying their names, but that little one in the bag is so cute!

Christie |

March 23. 2009 21:18


Extremely cute. Almost as cute as a chicken.

Susan |

March 24. 2009 16:52


I'm moving to a pet-friendly place soon and have been thinking of getting a chihuahua.  I love all dogs [miniature dachshunds are my mom's particular addiction] but something about chihuahuas (esp. longhaired) and small dogs in general is so appealing.  

Maybe you could adopt an older dog that wouldn't terrorize your cat [or would it be the other way around?].  There are even tinier ones [teacup] but that might be going too far.

Harper |

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