Cholesterol poster child, part II

"You have Hashimoto's."

"How do you know I have Hashimoto's?" Having read my history and taken note of the prematurely (ahem) grey hair, she gave me the "duh" look while scribbling notes.

She asked about antibiotic useage. Lots of tetracycline as an adolescent. This prompted another knowing look.

Checking lab results, she pointed to how since going vegan my triglycerides have risen steadily. Then she took my pulses, much like an acupuncturist would.

She begged a moment of quiet, sensing a chatterer in her midst, and scribbled more notes.

Finally the instructions: Self massage with Brahmi Sesami Oil, 1 Tbs fish oil, probiotics twice a day, the above pictured herb mixture three times a day in warm water (not bad, actually), a Vata-balancing/blood-sugar-balancing diet (limiting wine to two glasses a week, ensuring protein and fat at every meal, limiting carbs) and lab tests to check for inflamation, gluten-intolerance, among other other ills.

Advising me that I was on a fast-track to metabolic syndrome and eventually diabetes, Dr. Desai urged me to include high-quality, full fat(!) dairy and/or fish, poultry and eggs in the diet. And, maybe, she suggested in your case cholesterol is not bad.

I left, head swimming and laden with bottles of fish and massage oil. Two days later, the herbs showed up in the post.

Over the past year, I've absorbed a lot of vegan information and propaganda and have learned something about factory farming. Are there happy meats and eggs? Will this protocol ameliorate these heretofore unknown issues?

The doctor suggested that I might be able to stay vegetarian but not vegan. "There are no societies that have ever been vegan," she said. "Very few people can get away with it, most can't."

At least for now, bring on the goat cheese!


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July 31. 2012 15:19

Jo Morgan

thank you for sharing this information.  I too have high cholesteral and do not want to take statins.  A while back my doctor gave me an assessment which indicated that medication woulf reduce my risk of heartt attack by 1% over thenext 10 years.  Reasons included no family history of heart disease, a great good/bad cholesterol ratio, etc.  Good luck with tweaking your diet!

Jo Morgan |

July 31. 2012 16:18

Lynn Z

I don't have my thyroid anymore because I was hit with the double whammy of Hashimoto's and thyroid cancer, but I've found that I feel best eating a diet of good whole, high-quality foods. Grass-fed, grass-finished beef, organic chicken and pork, fish, lots of veggies and some fruit. The big thing that I have learned through my research is that soy is bad for people with thyroid issues. Cutting soy out of my diet has made a noticeable difference. A book I would recommend (and it sounds like your doctor would probably approve of it too based on her recommendations) is The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson.

Hope to see you at spinning group in August.

Lynn Z |

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