Cholesterol poster child, part III

Let's do a little oversharing this morning:

When last we left the Cholesterol Poster Child (CPC), she was apparently nursing a case of Hashimoto's Disease and flirting with gluten intolerance.

Two (or was it three?) hundred dollars worth of tests later, it's determined she has neither (a marriage-saver, for sure, given Nake-id IT's predilection for bread). No Hashimoto's, no gluten intolerance. Just high cholesterol.

In other good news, her overall cholesterol was down, slightly. The so-called good-bad cholesterol ratio looked good, and her high HDL is a negative risk factor for heart disease. C-Reactive Protein levels were very low. (C-Reactive Protein is a by-product of the inflammation process.) Homocysteine levels checked out. (Homocysteine is an amino acid and elevated numbers apparently point to the development of artery disease.) And so did fibrinogen, which is a protein that helps blood clot, too much and you're likely to form clots that can lead to heart attacks.

Also, triglycerides were down about 20 points.

For the first time in the CPC's life, a doctor looked at her and said, "Your cholesterol...I wouldn't worry about it."

Please, dear readers, take all of this with a grain of Himalayan sea salt. What the medical establishment doesn't know about heart disease is...a lot. But what these tests have done for me is paint a bigger picture of heart disease risk than the simple LDL/HDL numbers. Cholesterol is a darling of the pharmaceutical industry, but it is not a singular predictor of heart disease. I'm choosing NOT to take statins armed with the additional data enumerated above and proven side effects of the drugs. (There's also this recent study. Girls take note.) This is a very personal decision and one I haven't taken lightly. It may not be the right choice for you.

The Ayurvedic doctor I'm seeing still wants to see less carbs in the diet to continue pushing triglycerides lower (sorry, Baby). And higher vitamin D levels. Like most Northern Hemispherites, mine is low. Yours, too, probably.

And, we're working on tweaking other processes that are best not discussed publicly.

So for now, I'm down one pill and up lots of herbs.

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October 9. 2012 10:38


She's BIG on the vitamin D! So glad you are doing what compliments you!

Mindy |

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