Cloche encounters

The other day my friend Heidi and I were discussing changes in the neighborhood. Did you see the new accessories shop? Did you know someone bought Billy’s Bar? Can you believe we’re getting a Starbucks? It was one of those conversations, which longstanding residents of Northwest Denver have constantly. We live in an area where 14 years ago people feared for our safety (in spite of low crime statistics). Now we have a vegan, raw food restaurant. It’s a little weird. Nice, but weird.

To make a long story even longer, Heidi asked that should I happen upon a pink, roll-brimmed hat in my neighborhood perambulations, I should alert her immediately. Apparently her little girl has a penchant for pink toppers and, in the way of two-and-a-half-year olds, makes short work of them. She’s also the spitting image of Strawberry Shortcake, so she cuts quite a fetching figure in her stroller.

Filled with the hubris of the newly tutored, I think, “Why I bet I could crochet just the thing.” When the conversation ends, I “google” Strawberry Shortcake, having only the vague idea about who she is or what she looks like. OK, she’s very cute and the hats are very cute, but I have no clue how to fashion a brim. Back to Google. The Lion Brand site yields a free pattern for a rolled crochet hat. Wonderful.

(By now you’re thinking, “Why isn’t she working? Doesn’t she need to earn a living so as to afford the lifestyle to which she would like to become accustomed?” These are good questions. Keep asking them.)

So combining stash cotton with the Lion Brand pattern with flowers and leaves swiped from The Happy Hooker, we got this…


Cloche, but no cigar.

Cute, but not quite it. Antone agrees.


Girl, make it work!



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July 20. 2006 01:54


So cute!  Great job, I"m sure she'll love it!

Christie |

July 20. 2006 02:27


Whoa, the Shortcake has changed.  I remember her from when I was little (think I had a doll or two), and she looked different then.  Short little frock with white pinafore and mary-janes, yes.  Jeans and boots, no.  

J Strizzy |

December 15. 2006 23:56



窃听器 |

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