Closet archaeology

Having rounded its centenary, our house isn't one of those modern manses with his-and-her walk-in closets. (When Big gave Carrie that fantasy dressing room in the first Sex and the City movie, I almost had to be resuscitated.)

You'd think that less room would equate to less stuff. But like many a vain modern girl, I have mastered the art of cramming too many scarves, bags, jackets and other fripperies into a too-small space. So occasionally I dig out.

With the Superbowl looming and the sky a milk-bottle grey, Sunday seemed like a good day to excavate. Out came belts, pants, desiccated shoes, purses and items long-assumed to have gone missing (like that pair of skinnhy jeans those young Lucky girls talked me into buying. They don't know from the days of pre-lycra denim, the pinching of flesh, the unyielding, iron-maiden fit. No wonder those jeans ended up behind the 12 shoppers I saved for knitting bags.)

But I digress.

Out came hangers and stuffed animals and plastic bags (once containing items hidden from Mr. Nake-id, perhaps?). Out came spider webs and dust bunnies and those kick-boxing hand wrappers I used once. Out came photographs and jewelry and handbags. Lots and lots of handbags.

And the winnowing began. I couldn't part with the leopard-print blouse I wore on our first date or the rather hideous shirt I wore when we met (floral, diaphanous, accessorized with a black tank and Buddy Holly glasses). Or the chinoiserie-inspired burgandy Eileen Fisher I wore to my in-laws 40th anniversary. But a couple of pretty Ann Taylor dresses went and a suede skirt I'll never wrangle myself into again, some shoes, a hand-knit muff, hats, scarves, gloves, all-in-all two respectably sized bags.

Ever the grad student, I'll try consigning the better stuff. The warm goods will go to Volunteers of America, the rest to Goodwill.

There's some dry cleaning left (know a cheap, green drycleaner, anyone?) and epic amounts of hand washing. But the spelunking paid off. I can see the floor of my closet and have a brand-new pair of uncomfortable jeans to wear.




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