Color theory


 The beauty of choosing yarns is that our color choices are limited. Even in a range as comprehensive as Cascade 220, there are still only 220 colors from which to pick.

Having a color deck on hand means being dazzled not only by the sheer number of colors, but also their names. Do I pick Antique White, Swiss Coffee or New Divine White to paint the trim? What about Wedding White or Sugared Almond or Seed Pearl? Nova White, Quiet Hideaway or Silver Screen?

What if I hire myself out to name paint colors instead?

Do you have go-to, fail-safe colors you love?



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April 8. 2010 21:28


My Mom's thing is to paint everything white and that is how I used to like things but now since I live in a place where I can't paint the walls and everything is white, I desperately want some color.

So not helpful but my vote is anything but white for the walls though the trim will be nice in one of those lovely titled whites.

Caitlin |

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