Commercial sweater report

I'm in the midst of trying to design something, the architecture of which I barely understand, so last night involved a bit of ripping, say half the garment. I was mollified by a glass of this--which, as the Argentinians say, is spectacular--and pawing through magazines and catalogs. Frogging has a way of making ready-to-wear look very appealing.

For example:

From Anthropologie, the Changeling Cardigan. (This is a side-to-side cabled cardigan; click on the image to better view the details.)

This elegant alpaca cardigan from Peruvian Connection prompted a long heart-to-heart with my credit card, which I discovered wiggling out of my wallet. Mr. Visa is having a nice, quiet time out.

Lucky magazine ran a short piece about knitwear designer Lia Molly. With sweaters like this out there, why bother?

I'll try to post a few more as the day progresses, but right now duty and cats call.

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August 4. 2008 04:25


Oh, why did you have to mention Anthropologie?? I have work to do, too, you know. And it's hard to get to on Monday. And now. . .  okay, I"m in control again. And Anthropologie has such gorgeous stuff. sigh!!

Susan |

August 5. 2008 02:05


I saw that top sweater in the store yesterday.  The construction is pretty cool as it has a center seam in the back a partial seam under the arms and another cable around the front bottom and over the neck.  I want to figure it out...I just am not quite there yet!

StacyZ |

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