Cool Obama Swag

There are some fun items up for grabs in Obamaville that are not only cool and creative, but also support the campaign. (A search on the McCain site reveals nothing this creative. We can all rest easy that we are safely on the side of all things hip and groovy.)

Via the Obama Craft Project: The Caribou for Biden tee... $5 fron each shirt goes to the campaign.

Speaking of the Obama Craft Project, you can also get an Obama-logo hat or "I Heart Obama" knit hat pattern, free!

Quilter Denyse Schmidt made a gorgeous Yes-We-Can Quilt to raise money for Obama. Donate $10 and you get an entry for the drawing.

Surely you've read about Runway to Change, a fundraising effort by fashion designers. Lots of stylish takes on the Obama t-shirt. I'm liking this one by Charles Nolan: The message up the arm reads, "Change is good."

On a commercial note: Do you think these will endear our candidate to Putin?

NB: The Obama matryoshki do not represent a campaign fundraising opportunity.

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October 14. 2008 12:50


Love the hat.  Will start that one tonight.

Christie |

October 15. 2008 05:08

Ron Simon

It's amazing how many diversified products there are for Obama. He has really touched a nerve with many people and the support his method of change.

Ron Simon |

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