Cool gifts for knitters/crocheters under $10

In the spirit of parsimony that has swept the nation, we offer the following holiday gift list:

1. A pattern from Twist Collective. Surely there is something in this uber-creative online magazine your stitcher wants.


2. A canny stitch-saver key chain from 5elementkniter. No more rescuing dropped stitches with paper clips.


Get saved!


3. Three balls Peruvian Baby Cashmere from (This is a slight misnomer, there’s way more baby alpaca here than baby cashmere, but it’s a nice blend nonetheless.)


4. A small bottle of Eucalan. Or two. Always welcome.


5. Circular needle ID tags. Who isn't flumoxed by the errant set of needles unearthed from the sofa cushions?


6. A cable-stitch mug from Starbucks. (Swiped from Stacey!) Available in the bricks-and-mortar stores.


7. Knitting themed rubber stamp that reads…"and knit our powers to the arms of peace." From Henry IV, part II. Shakespeare.


8. Hedgehog stitch markers. Enough said.


9. A knit dictionary word necklace. A cool pendant and chain that describes what we do.


10. Knitting notecards featuring antique illustrations. Totally hip. Totally today. 



11. Two hours of free childcare so your friend can knit in peace.


12. A copy of her favorite knitting magazine.


13. Handcrafted magnetic needle holder from Jenkins Woodworks. Form and function!


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December 1. 2008 14:01


Thanks for the plug!  What great ideas - love stamp!

5elementknitr |

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