Cool labels for your handknits

For four decades I've been happy to knit in anonymity. But as one grows older, well, the word legacy pops to mind.

Occasionally I'll visit or google "custom sewing labels," but haven't found anything to accommodate the small-batch work typical of most knitters. 50,000 labels for $999? No, but thanks anyway.

During the annual what-cool-fiber-gift-do-I-give-my-knitter-mother kerfuffle, I found Jennifer's Jewels. She custom prints fabric labels in a dizzying array of her own colorful designs, ranging in feel from hip to goth. All labels are hand-washable and fray-resistent and very affordable. I chose the above for Mom.

Now, which one to pick for moi?


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December 29. 2009 17:43


I'd vote for number 28.  With Leslie replacing Jennifer, of course.

John |

December 30. 2009 09:25


Thanks for sharing this great resource! There are many great designs to choose from, but I think my favorite is #62...

Jocelyn |

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