Coolest knitting/computer/overnight bag ever!

Careening past a booth at Estes, we were stopped by the sight of the most gorgeous knitting bags ever. We touched. We turned over price tags. We sighed.

This was not a first encounter. Several years ago, I saw a St. Claire Carpet Bag at my friend Sally's house and almost had to be resuscitated. Then when I saw the price at Needleworks by Holly Berry in Colorado Springs where they're sold, I almost had to be resuscitated.

But here's how the process of rationalization begins. The bags and bag handles are all made by hand, not just in the United States, but right here in Colorado. You can customize them any which way. And by buying one, you're supporting a woman-owned business (and not just any woman, but a social worker, who's out there doing good in the world when she's not making smashing-looking handbags.)

Wow. I might just have to get two.

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