Could Barbara Walker be...wrong?

I’ve been trying to swatch a pattern from Barbara Walker’s A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, a pretty little background lace called Cherry Tree. I tried it once. Decided I counted wrong, then tried again. And again. I wasn’t knitting under the influence. Nor was I asleep at the needles. I added, subtracted, counted and recounted. How can you get from the 19 stitches in row 4 to the 22 stitches in row 5? (See below.)

Could it be that Babs is wrong? Could it be that we need to interpret the Bible rather than take it literally? People, I need an answer.


Oh, and for a quick yarn-related yuk, read Sunday's Doonesbury. (Courtesy of my BIL.)

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March 13. 2007 00:01


Not sure I can answer your question but have you seen this blog? Very, very cool.">

margene |

March 13. 2007 00:57


I think you're right - the K5 in Row 5 doesn't belong. I'm charting it up - I'll email you.

Lissa |

March 13. 2007 01:36


I take it back... Once charted into multiple repeats the K5 makes sense. Perhaps the way it's written out, it would require correction if it were to be executed over a single panel. The *s are not clear.

If you're doing a single panel, you will treat it as the last repeat only. My version:
Row 5 - K3, (*p6, k1, p6*, k5); rep brackets to last repeat, continue to *, K3.

Row 6 - P3, (*FC, k3, p1, k3, BC*, p5); rep brackets to last repeat, continue to *, P3.

Row 7 - Row 7 - K5, (*p4, k1, p4*, k9);
rep brackets to last repeat, continue to *, K5.

Lissa |

March 13. 2007 07:37


behind every good writer there should be a great proofreader!  Smile  I think Lissa is right...

John |

March 13. 2007 10:00


I came up with the same explanation as Lissa, but she said it better than I would have Smile

Kristi |

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