Cover up that Ipod!

At the end of last year, I bought a refurbished Ipod Mini on Ebay, mostly to listen to knitting podcasts while knitting, or the occasional audio book to help speed the long hours of cleaning and drudgery here at Nake-id Knits. (I’m just a regular Cinderella, folks.)

Audio books tend to be prohibitively expensive; compare the Amazon price of Special Projects in Calamity Physics, $17.13 for the hardcover, $26.37 for the audio edition. Perhaps they’re wildly expensive to produce, which seems odd given that digital media costs pennies compared to printing . No doubt publishers must pay experienced “voices,” directors and producers for these projects, thereby jacking up the investment. Nonetheless, some of us still place a higher value on the printed word than recorded texts, making it easier to part with money for books than parting with money for audio tomes.

LibriVox and other sites provide us with free audio downloads, though the collections are typically a weird amalgam of non-copyrighted stuff most of us have already read or avoided through the years. (Can you imagine Lord Jim carrying you through a sleeve or thorough closet cleaning, or Notes from the Underground?) Happily, though, Brenda Dayne ( is in the process of finishing Age of Innocence for the site—that might get me through a few toliet bowls, wouldn’t it you?

I do wish there were more dead black women among the mix of dead white men featured (African-American lit being an area where my education needs bolstering). But given our history and the amount of time it takes for something to enter the public domain, I should probably just head to the library.

At least when the snow comes this week, my Ipod will be nice and toasty.

Ipod cozy    Ipod cozyfront

Knit from Phoenix Bess’ pattern for a Leopard Cell Phone Cover using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Fog, Mist and Coal.

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January 8. 2007 07:26


Check your local library website to see if you have "borrowing privileges" at NetLibrary. Lots of classic and contemporary lit available. Since I teach lit, I reserve this as the "I don't have time to read this, so I'll listen to it while knitting/cleaning/etc."

Nancy |

January 8. 2007 11:49


definitely the library is the place to go.  In a solo drive across country, I got several audio books there - Tony Hillerman, Kathy Reichs, and Nevada Barr.  Made the trip from Vero Beach to Longmont much more pleasant!

John |

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