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Well, it's Hemp History Week and what are you doing to celebrate?

Here at Nake-id Knits we are knitting with hemp yarn, and this evening, will be dining on hemp seed salad, thanks to our postal carrier who delivered our order from Mountain Rose Herbs. (If you've never visited Mountain Rose Herbs, you'll find it's a remarkable source for arcane crafting and culinary wonders that run the gamut from teas and essential oils to organic spices and cooking oils. Spirulina? Oatstraw? Candelilla wax? Organic pumpkin seed oil? Check, check, check and check!)

Our interest in hemp has little to do with the psychoactive characteristics of its louche cousin and more to do with its incredible utility. Not only does it grow like a--ahem--weed without requiring chemical fertilizers and pesticides, it's darned useful. Fabric, fiber, cooking oil, biodiesel, ice cream, paper, "milk"; to listen to advocates, it could probably gather itself up and slice bread if it wanted.

Vegetarians like hemp seed, particularly, because it's contains all the essential amino acids, therefore making it a great source of protein. Scientists, too, laud its fatty acid profile. I wonder whether it tastes good.

The problem with hemp in this country is that hemp is a problem, according to our federal government. The DEA hates the idea of legal hemp cultivation because hemp fields could hide marijuana plants. Meanwhile crazy grumpy vegans such as myself are loading up on hemp products and American farmers aren't benefitting. (The Chinese--the largest hemp producers in the world--are happily growing and selling hemp to American manufacturers of hemp products.)

Oh, if only our nation's founders had known about that demon weed. They wouldn't have signed the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper.

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May 6. 2011 13:35


Santa Fe Hemp is our favorite store in Santa Fe.

Deanna |

May 8. 2011 08:36


+1 on that

Sipadan |

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