Crochet: A contact sport


Yarnbol: The World Cup

To keep myself from going mad from all the yarmulkes, I started a crochet shrug (free pattern from the Craft Yarn Council) in Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. Though I’ve impugned shrugs in the past, they make a great beginner project as they introduce increases, decreases and gauge. The likelihood of my wearing it remains a question, but it will certainly flatter cousin Stephanie, whose birthday is today.

To listen to you people, one would think crochet speeds along like greased kittens, but that has not been the case. There’s been rippage and the usual swearing. But for all that, it could be uglier. Couldn’t it? 

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June 12. 2006 23:55


It kinda sorta looks like Antone has litter box intentions...but I don't think one should judge based on what a cat thinks.

Crochet does get speedier the more you do it and get accustomed to it and figure out how to maintain tension with just one needle. Chin up.

Michelle |

June 14. 2006 00:11


I'm just about to cast on that same pattern, albeit in knitting.  My crochet is coming along v-e-r-y slowly, and also with much swearing.  Good luck to you.

samantha |

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