Crochet shawl: The battle rages in 3D

This is the Blue Curacao shawl from Amazing Crochet Lace. As you can see, it's not blue. It's barely lace. Remember who's wielding the hook.

One hopes that changing media will transform said one into a lace-making goddess change outcomes. Sadly, no. Lace continues to challenge. There will be two shells where there should be three, or a half shell where there should be a whole. Lace can be forgiving in that an extra hole or three won't mar the finished product, but it also has a way of bringing personality failings (impatience, carlessness) into the light. Who needs therapy when there's lace?

Progress, nonetheless is being made. This hapless hooker is finding crochet charts easier to read, in spite of their kinship to Rorschachs. (Or smashed spiders, take your pick.) And she's learning to identify and correct her errors.



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March 24. 2010 10:15


I don't know which is funnier, "who needs therapy when there's lace," or crochet charts read as "smashed spiders."

My feelings exactly.

threadingwater |

March 24. 2010 10:37


Well, I'm impressed.  I know I would really fail in the patience category.

Caitlin |

March 24. 2010 11:34


Looks great!  Remember, only Allah is perfect!  the imperfection is its beauty.  Every project is a learning experience.  Keep at it, you're doing awesomely!

Christie |

March 24. 2010 11:39


The Hapless Hooker - it should be a book. Or maybe a TV series.

Susan |

March 25. 2010 18:55


It's still beautiful! Oh how I wish I was the least bit crafty.

Ivy |

March 28. 2010 20:23


It is still beautiful....Back when I was studying quitling, I was always told that "a quilt is not a quilt without a few mistakes." I have adopted this same philosphy towards my crochet. It makes it unique. Passing that pearl of wisdon onto you....

HandsinDelight |

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