Here's a sneak peak of the new Nake-id design. Impressed by our productivity? Why, it's only been three years since our last release! It's coming soon, once the photos are "curated" and pattern written.

The above was take at our photo shoot on 32nd Avenue, in front of Common Grounds, the coffee shop that made the Highlands in Denver, the Highlands. Common Grounds will be moving soon, curated out of the neighborhood by a rapacious landlord. We probably need to start a "keep the Highlands weird" movement, except the Highlands was never weird, just quiet and established, settled by ethnic families in the early decades of the last century. Today, it's become so desireable I'm almost embarrased to say where we live without prefacing, "we moved here 20 years ago, before you could buy a $400 handbag in the 'hood."

The Avenue, prior home to Naomi's Beauty School and Speer Furniture (Denver's go-to emporium for Spirit of '76 upholstery), now attracts chains like Jimmy John's, Smash Burger (upcoming) and Chipotle--most of which are local. We'll know things are really bad and too curated when an Apple store opens.

Someone asked me recently as a semi-native whether I liked how Denver has changed. Overall, yes. This isn't the gritty city on the plains Jack Kerouac would remember from his days on the road. Without the viaducts and railyards and blighted buildings, it's much prettier. Young, educated people swarm here for jobs, the outdoors and the hip-and-happening lifestyle. Restaurants are packed late into the night. Real estate prices are skyrocketing.

It appears the Mile High City is curating itself into a Seattle or Portland. However, we need to find ways to keep it authentic if not weird so we're not all drinking Starbucks from a go-cup.

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