Cursed projects

This may be true where you live: There are always these locations where restaurants repeatedly fail. It doesn’’t matter how much buzz they generate or whether the chef is creative and charismatic or whether there is ample parking, they die, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly and painfully. Tapas, sushi, northern Italian, Cajun, Indian—over the years, you can sample from an array of domestic and international cuisines. But don’t get attached. Next week or next year, you’ll be eating raw food or picking pretty amusements off small plates.

The same is true of knitting. Consider my mitts. Last night, after I had made peace with an incorrect cable turn, after I had reknit the first mitt with its misshapen gusset, I placed the second mitt’s thumb on THE WRONG SIDE. I only realized it this morning as I was about to triumphantly photograph and display them as finished objects.

Consequently, I am reduced to cat blogging:


Antone practicing the art of not being seen


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February 11. 2008 02:53


Sounds like someone's project needs some time in solitary to think about what it's doing.

Christie |

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