Cyber Monday: Shop indie

If you’re anything like me, you’re in complete denial that real work must be produced this week. So why not take a spare moment or six or 600 and participate in the time-honored tradition of Cyber Monday?

And, just to be perverse, shop your favorite micro-shops. Here are some fiber-related ideas from Etsy.

1. For the spinner who likes to wear their craft on their sleeve, ur, chest:


From luchaworkshop

2. For the organic wool junkie: An organic tee that says it like it is.


From DuchessCraft

3. For the knitter who likes to wear their craft on their, you know:


From Knithappens

4. For the knitter and seeker:


From FunkyQuail

5. For the knitter on the go:


From Millefleur

6. For the precision knitter-fashionista—the stitch-marker holder/row counter bracelet:


From Hide and Sheep

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