Have you ever seen anything as pure and innocent as this little kitten?

Wanna see what our little angel does when he’s not sleeping? (Those of you with weak stomachs, avert your eyes. What follows is not pretty.)


The above disemboweled carcass was a hand-knit catnip mouse. Kay knits and sells them at The Lamb. Cats adore them. That is, if they know how to play. Play, Antone. It’s a concept!!?

It had whiskers and a tail and it gave the kitten hours of entertainment pleasure. Now look.

The disposal of the remains required epic vacuuming.

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September 7. 2006 04:35


What a savage killer!  But so cute and cuddly!

Jennifer |

September 7. 2006 04:41


Awwww, what a pwecious widdle tongue!  

Awwww, what a vicious beast!

chris |

September 7. 2006 06:08


My kitty Jesse loves his purple mouse from the Lamb! He "rediscovers" it every few weeks and carries it all over the house for a few days and then he loses it again. It's a vicious cycle.

Stacey |

September 7. 2006 08:28


Maybe Antone was just trying to imitate mama, who was seen early ripping sleeves apart, one for no good reason apparently!  Smile

May your weekend (and the cats weekend) be much better.

John |

September 7. 2006 11:53


I'll give you a hundred bucks for him.  I need a feline who will tolerate being loved, cuddled and kissed many times per day yet still will viciously and brutally eviscerate anything rodentish.  

He's THE barn cat I'm looking for.  

Tell him I'll let him eat REAL ones.

I'll start watching the mailbox tomorrow for his arrival.

jenifleur |

September 8. 2006 06:29


I'm glad someone else is vacuuming.  I cam home last night and my puppy (very tall) managed to retrieve a sack of powdered sugar off of the kitchen counter, took it to the family room and proceeded to fling the bag from one end of the room to another.

Sticky snow dust inside...my how we love them.

Pam |

December 16. 2006 11:01



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