Dateline: Kansas City

We visited the Land of Oz this weekend to witness the high school graduation of one of the better-looking, brainier members of our clan.

That look in his eye? The usual mix of abject fear and delirium that accompanies matriculation anticipation. The young man will be studying aerospace engineering in the fall. We are mighty proud.

To keep grandma and auntie happy, the graduate's father schlepped us to yarn shops from one end of the KC metroplex to the other. My favorite: An emporium called Urban Arts and Crafts, offering an amalgam of the hippest in crafty playthings. I came away with the following:

And this: A skein of Trendsetter Cha Cha in Dark Denim. It ripples up into a scarf worthy of the Copacabana.

At Stitch Knitch in Northtown, another sweet shop (owned by a black cat named Addi), Mom came away with a fistful of Nashua wool--hard to come by in the Centennial State--and a stunning skein of Mountain Colors.

In Liberty, Mo., the yarn shop, The Old Mill Stitchery, is housed in the historic Corbin Mill, another crafting destination that combines the yarn-needlework emporium with an adjacent rug hooking shop, a bead store and restaurant. Wonderful when all basic needs can be met under one roof.

The sibling was a fabulous host. The city was in full, glorious bloom and green as a shamrock. And the 'phews, absolutely darling and appropriately embarrassed by their squealing, cheek-pinching auntie.

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May 18. 2009 10:18


I'm salivating. About the yarn, silly!!

Susan |

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