Dell Vostro Laptop Review


Dell Vostro 2510

Time to boot up: Could feed cats, take out recycling, make bed, compost coffee

Time to boot up: Got hungry cats

Appearance: Dirty; lots of hair wound around keys

Appearance: A glossy, ruby red; no biohazard in keyboard

Performance: Regularly sh*t the bed, much rebooting

Performance: Like butter

Keyboard: Exclamation points and quotation marks iffy

Keyboard: Sweet

Weight: Bowling ball

Weight: Down pillow

Screen:  Looking through a mirror darkly

Screen: Cinemascope

Coolness factor: Wholesale embarrassment and deep shame

Coolness factor: It’s not a Mac, but it’s not bad!

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February 17. 2009 19:41


yes, I know Macs are cool, but the comparison you post is really no comparison at all.  Go for the spiffy new Dell and have no guilt. no qualms.  You spend your professional career working with this device. So enjoy! rejoice! and have fun.  Smile

John |

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