Denver County Fair in pictures

The Denver County Fair is arguably the coolest county fair in the nation. With "Fashion", "Green", and "Holistic" pavilions jostling with the more typical farm-and-garden/animals fare and no deep-fried butter or chocolate-covered corn dogs to be found, it has a distinct, urban hipster vibe.

That said, the fair has a way to go. Only in its second year, the fair suffers from a lack of critical mass. Housed in the commodious National Western Complex, the fair lacks the excitement born by crowds and a full vendor floor. The fair is well-attended, but because of the out-sized venue, lacks intensity.

Some vendors were fabulous, like the Zip 37 Gallery booth, where whimsical, contemporary prints could be had for the price of a nice lunch. And good ol' Phil Bender, who was selling these groovy assemblages made from vintage seed packs and game cards. (My buddy Lynn scored a charm bracelet affixed with tiny Monopoly-pieces--all irons!)

The "Buy Local" pavilion was a puzzle; the Sleep Number bed company is local? (In point of fact, it's headquarters are in Minnesota.) There are so many remarkable companies headquartered here doing everything from making organic snacks to furniture, well, it just didn't seem right.

We won discount coupons to Fancy Tiger, during the speed-crochet competition, by answering trivia questions while competitors hooked their little hearts out.

And, the animals, were delightful; got to pet the sweetest rooster. (Though Lynn was rightfully put off by the tiger and bear cub on display by the Serenity Springs Wildlife Center.)

The upshot? More yarn, please. And, more other local stuff. But it's a great start. And there was an impressive amount of creative pluck on display.

Herewith some images from the day:

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August 13. 2012 17:09


Hey, Leslie!
My daughter, Elsa, was the winner of the Speed Crochet Contest, and I also won a Fancy Tiger coupon. Woot! We enjoyed many aspects of the fair and hope it continues to grow.

Will you be heading to Westcliffe for this weekend's Wet Mountain Western Jubilee? Say that 3 times real fast.

Nadine |

August 13. 2012 21:22

Irene Andrada

awww you took a photo of my mini-lop! <3
thanks a cute photo you took of her lol

i like it~<3

Irene Andrada |

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