Describe a tomato: A challenge

Sometimes when we hike, I try to think of new ways to describe what we're seeing. For example, how do you paint a picture in words of quaking aspen leaves that fits but isn't cliche?

Aspen leaves are like the coins on a belly dancer's belt? Uh, no.

The vellum sound of aspen leaves, trembling? Better.

Shimmy shimmy shake shake? You see where I'm going.

But how would you describe the taste of a tomato? A good one?

OK? Ready, set, go!

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August 28. 2009 16:30


Squashy seedliness.

Christie |

September 1. 2009 10:10

Laura Lee Carter aka the MIdlife Crisis Queen

Hi Leslie:

LOVE your CAL essay, and it's all true! My blog has turned out to be so much more (and less, money-wise!) than I ever imagined.  But I'm addicted all the same!

At the very least, it keeps like interesting...

Laura Lee aka The Queen!

Laura Lee Carter aka the MIdlife Crisis Queen |

September 1. 2009 20:21


sweetly poignant ~ like August in your mouth

threadingwater |

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