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I’m about to declare this more or less of a success, but am at a loss for what to do about a handle. Do I go with a self-handle as I did here? Or do I choose a chain strap like last year?

Or do I return to last year’s bag and simply update colors? Harumph.


Would you be caught dead with this bag?

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August 8. 2006 00:41


While I would not be caught dead with this bag (I'm not a bag kind of guy), I like the idea of a chain it a touch of class.  The color scheme is great too.  Reminds me of my undergraduate college school colors!  Smile

John |

August 8. 2006 01:22


Love the bag! Have to weigh in in favour of the self-strap. I'm not a chain kinda gal.

susan |

August 8. 2006 02:13


OTOH, chains are in this season. Having just wasted an hour looking at fashion trends for fall, I can say this with authority.

Susan |

August 8. 2006 22:52


Love the bag! I would be caught all over the place with it. I'm normally a chain girl, but my very 1st thought was something in a red colored wood? Just sayin

Carol |

December 15. 2006 23:57



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