Desperately seeking bag pattern

Hello all,

It appears as if I'll be venturing back into the knitting classroom again, this time to untangle cables. I'm looking for a groovy, quick-to-knit bag or pillow top that offers a bit of a cabling challenge. I've been through my library and have yet to come across something that sets my heart aflutter.

Any ideas?


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November 30. 2007 05:03


What about that cool cabled bag pattern in the current Interweave Knits?  (I don't remember the name of it right off the bat, but it's COOL!).  The same designer (Jennifer, whose blog is PieKnits) also has a clutch pattern on her website that is smaller and still cable-icious.

chris |

November 30. 2007 12:14


I just rummaged around and found a cute little number designed by Melissa Leapman.  I searched patterns using "bag cables."

Just loopin' along here, waiting for the first storm of the season to hit here in the upper midwest.

threadingwater |

November 30. 2007 14:52


I'm not sure if it is a challenge but Tasha on is cool.

Harper |

December 1. 2007 03:14


I second the recommendation for the cabled bag out of the  Winter '07 Interweave Knits. The designer, Jennifer Tallapaneni, designed a beautiful bag, which uses two colors, one is the main color, the second is a darker color used to outline the cables (in embroidery). The bag does not require felting, but will need a lining, I'm sure.

Wanda |

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