Destructive force in the house

Antone  + Audreymitts =


I’ll be performing surgery tomorrow. On the mitt.


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February 9. 2007 00:56


Oh. NO.

BAD, BAD kitty.

(She writes, smugly, content in the knowledge that her own cat doesn't eat yarn. Though he does lie on every finished object as it's blocking and snags them with his claws.)

Michelle |

February 9. 2007 01:11


Ack! It's a good thing that she's cute!

Samantha |

February 9. 2007 01:53


WOW, is that a bad cat! I'm accustomed to such behavior from dogs . . . working on furniture. Are you sure that's not a monster m*th in furry disguise?

Deborah Robson |

February 10. 2007 02:33


You had  to put an adorable, innocent looking picture next to the slightly munched knitwear, huh?  

It is a shame he's so cute...but shame, shame on fiber eating feline!  SHAME!!!  Ok.  He's been properly chastised.

Christie |

February 11. 2007 05:41


It had to be those shiny buttons, making the clacky noise when they touched… right? He looks so innocent!

andi |

June 29. 2007 11:59



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