Dinner at Root Down

So last night Caitlin (the magician who took the above low-light photo with her Droid) and I had our annual holiday dinner at Root Down, and we were again blown away. To score Open Table points, Caitlin made 5:30 reservations, and it turned out to be just the thing at this busy restaurant. We were asked if we wanted to consult the sommelier ("sure, why not?") and had fun girl talk with Root Down's charming wine expert, who steered us toward the Redcar Trolley Syrah, a big, round wine that did its job without dinging any bells or calling undo attention to itself.

The meal then unfolded leisurely, course by course: Mushroom consumme with a duck confit dumpling (I only tasted the consumme, which was rich and loamy), beet and arugula salad with hazelnuts and a beet-sunflower seed pesto (as bright as a penny), organic risotto with fava beans, black quinoa, candied walnuts, figs and red wine demi (divine and pictured above) and a chocolate coconut pie that made our eyes roll back into our heads.

All vegan.

I'm still coming down to earth.

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