Displaced worker

I am officially without an office. But no complaints. I'm sitting on my sofa in a dirty tee shirt typing while many of you are putting on lip gloss and heading out the door to sit in traffic.

As you can see, after-hours Antonio--our much-in-demand contractor who appears just when I'm about to cook the evening meal--has taped, mudded, sanded, sawed, vented, etc. The project nears completion. A bit more mud, the hanging of a door and molding and we can commence painting. Soon we'll have a half-bath wherein occupants can sit and rest their heads on the sink at the same time.

I've been amusing myself thinking of names for our new room:

The not-so-commodious commode

The wee W.C.

The little latrine

Un petit potty

The brief bathroom

The bantam bath

The tiny toliet

The junior john

The lilliputian loo

The puny privy

The li'l lav

Any additions?


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April 14. 2010 12:06


How about...

teeny throne?

paltry powder room?

cramped can?

humble head?

little latrine?

runt-sized restroom?

Richard |

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