Do you knit too much?

The end of the year gets us thinking--about things accomplished and things left undone. It's got me wondering about the role knitting plays in my life.

For example, do you ever do this?

  1. You meet someone new. Say the President-Elect. If he's wearing a sweater, do you immediately breach all social conventions (and the Secret Service), touch it and ask if it was handknit?
  2. You're in a meeting. An important one where you are expected to contribute important, penetrating thoughts. And instead of giving it your undivided attention, you're designing sweaters in your head?
  3. You receive an invitation to a social event. Do you accept immediately or do you hesitate, concerned that it will cut into your knitting time?
  4. Your spouse is speaking. Do you listen, eyes looking into his adoringly? Or do you surf Ravelry while he's talking?
  5. You're dining at a fabulous restaurant. And all you can think about is its proximity to the yarn shop down the street?
  6. You're discussing politics. Do you find yourself using knitting metaphors to describe the state of the world?
  7. You're watching a film. And you can't concentrate on the action because the heroine is wearing this stunning, must-knit cardi?
  8. You spy a new pattern. Suddenly everyone you know, including your male clients, needs a slouchy beret?
  9. You haven't showered all day. Do you soap yourself down? Or say, phht, I'd rather knit?
  10. You can smell that something going seriously awry in the kitchen. Do you drop the cable you're fixing? Or do you run to save dinner?

I'm not saying I do any of the above. Just wondering...

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December 18. 2008 10:49


Guilty of all!

margene |

December 18. 2008 12:36


Ah, yes.  I actually watched [and TiVo'd so I could check it out in slo-mo] the last half of Santa Clause 2 recently because excellent handknits caught my eye as I surfed by.  Now, this sounds benign but I never saw Santa Clause 1 and am not a fan of Tim Allen.  But I sure liked the hat the love interest wore -- white with two large black fair-isle snowflakes, one on each side.  Although they may have been duplicate stitch...

Wait, what was your point?

Harper |

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