Does she or doesn't she...iron her balls?

It's the rare crochet class that requires homework before the first meeting. But it's not like you can just go out and buy rag balls is it?

This winter in a fit of the duldrums, I convinced Cat at Fancy Tiger to teach a rag rug crochet class. We mustered the interested (there are a few spaces left, in case you're compelled) and within weeks we got our marching orders: To make enough rag balls to make a rug.

Happily Cat's instructions don't require the cutting and sewing of scraps, rather the ripping and knotting thereof. The oddments pictured above are from a pillow cover I no longer love. These strips are easily accomplished by snipping then ripping to two inches before the selvedge, turning, snipping and ripping some more. Repeat. Essentially you are ripping "concentric" squares, strips that can be wound into balls, thusly:

Cat mentioned that we were free to iron our strips. You're dying to know whether I did, aren't you? What do you think?

For something the cat will rub his little but on? Domesticity only goes so far.

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June 4. 2012 21:46

Lynn Z

Thank you for posting about this class. I have signed up! One of my biggest regrets is not asking my grandma to teach me how to make crocheted rag rugs. Now I'll be able to make them in her memory.

Lynn Z |

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