Don't hate me because I have skinny calves

Now that I'm schlepping into an office several times a week, I find myself with a dearth of comfortable footwear. Pretty, pointy, kitten heels are fine if one wants to stand decorously at a party tossing bon mots hither and yon, but to actually ford snow drifts, puddles, cracks in the sidewalk and other hazards, well, can you say, "incipient bunion"?

So the preferred shoe census is down to two pairs, my treasured Indigo combat boots and Sudini riding boots. Even after a good polishing, both are looking worse for the wear.

I've been coveting dress boots for some time and lit on the above pair while surfing. (There's always time to procrastinate, but to actually shop?) All the reviews assured a comfortable fit and narrow shaft. And they were on sale.

When they arrived I slipped them on eagerly, and it was as I feared, my right calf looked like a Q-tip bashing around in a Ball jar.

How do American women develop such beefy gams? I could gain 50 pounds and still be plagued with scrawny pins.

This being the second pair of mail-order rejects, I was not delighted. The post office is not a cheery place these days.

Are implants the only answer? Surely knee-high boots exist for the less endowed? Taking all opinions.Thank you.


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February 17. 2012 12:31


Although they're a bit spendy, I love the boots from Cydwoq. They have a nice slim fit, are beautifully made, and, once broken in over a couple of weeks, the most comfortable, cleave-to-my-foot-and-ankle shoes I've ever owned. (I actually wore mine every single day for about six months and consequently destroyed the heels. Easy fix and the upper still looks like I bought them yesterday.) Also, anything from Fluevog is comfortable and cute.

I wish I could take you to the shoe store three blocks from my house. Everything in it is comfortable, cute, and, for the most part, sustainably made.

Juniper |

February 17. 2012 12:41


Have been stalking Cydwoq for a to look!

leslie |

February 17. 2012 14:08


"How do American women develop such beefy gams?"

Fencing and biking made my legs comically large.  My wardrobe contains a pair of so-called "bootcut" jeans that are snug around my calves.

I was pretty jazzed to find boots that not only fit around my calves, but also have just enough room to be worn over skinny jeans.

Yes, somehow I have skinny jeans that fit my comically large legs.

Anyway, I can't really help you, but I file your blog post under my mental list of reasons not to buy shoes online.

Best of luck in your quest!

Susan |

February 20. 2012 07:50


Wow, I hope you get some boots that fit you. I stumbled upon a pair over ebay. It was a bargain and is a perfect fit. But now I see that that was a beginner's luck of buying online.

Siga |

February 21. 2012 17:35


Definitely jealous of your thin calves as I have the opposite problem and have trouble fitting my calves into most tall boots. I don't know how you feel about slightly used shoes but Clotheshorse on Tennyson has some awesome cowgirl boots (and other amazing clothes and accessories). Much luck with your boot quest!

Kelly |

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