Drive-by yarn

Silk Garden, color 292

Thursday we were planning a dinner party. We straightened the house. Put up dough for pizza. And then we both headed out on our bikes to pick up last minute items for gelato--Mitch to get milk, me, pomegranate juice.

I had the longer ride, but a two block detour would put me right in Posh's front yard. Sylvia recently put all her Noro on sale for 25% off and I had my eye on a couple of sweaters from Knitting Noro. You can see where this is going.

Before you could say, "Eisaku Noro," I had stuffed one side of my panniers with 12 skeins of the above.

I then pedaled off to Sunflower where I collected pomegranate juice and sundries, queuing up behind a long line of pre-Fourth-of-July shoppers. Spying a clock, I realized to my horror that it was 6 p.m. Our guests were scheduled to arrive at 7, I was a 15-minute ride away from home, sweaty and unshowered and my gelato existed only in my imagination.

I've never ridden so hard in my life.

When I wheeled my bike into the garage, Mitch, who was outside grilling pizza crusts, asked, "What took you so long?"

"Oh," I said, whisking the panniers past him and into the house, "I ran into a little traffic."

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July 7. 2009 19:09


Thanks for the morning giggle!

Pomegranate gelato? Sounds delicious!

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