Drum roll: Mac vs. PC?

I totally whimped. I'm this guy. Not this guy.

After careful consideration and much agida, I bought one of these. With aging eyes, I worried about the Mac's small screen and wasn't about to pop for the bigger, pricier Macbook Pro. Some reviewers, too, fussed about the glossy monitor, hitting a visual sweet spot and the problem of fingerprints, which had me thinking that after a week my beautiful, silver communion wafer would look like a soggy cracker.

And, when I asked my brother, a recent Mac-convert, what he liked better about the Mac, he said, "It boots up faster."

Alrighty then. I should spend 500 clams for that?

The real reason, though, came down to cost and practicality. This quarter I've got a gig where...let's just say, I'm not playing to my strengths. The idea of wrangling a new operating system, a learning curve and new software--or old software that looks like new software--had me in a lather. Plus, we have licenses for the old, comfy software, so no extra costs there.

Best part: The new PC is red. Like an apple.

And my existential personality crisis has been resolved. At last.

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January 5. 2009 10:59


Ooooh, red is nice! Hooray for a new laptop.

I don't think it really matters which platform you use, as long as you're comfortable with it. And saving clams is also great.

Kitt |

January 5. 2009 11:18


I'll be interested in how you like the Dell Vostro.  I've been looking at it with some interest as a possible replacement for my Toshiba laptop at home.

threadingwater |

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