Dry blog syndrome

You know how after you’ve had a perfectly pleasant, but not especially fiber-focused weekend, you sit in front of your blog editor on Monday morning and think, “I got nothin’”? That’s where we are today.

We had some lovely meals, though, including one inspired by the Lyon in the Kitchen, the highlight of which, in my mind, was the grilled nectarines with honey-whipped ricotta. If you clicked, you noticed that the recipe calls for making one’s own ricotta, a detail I omitted. Teasing me, Mitch said, “It’s your mother’s birthday and you didn’t make homemade ricotta.”

Nope. Just like mama taught me.

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March 10. 2008 00:26


What do you mean!?!?!?  I made yogert ----once!

luv, mom

Sue |

March 10. 2008 06:04


Your mom is funny.  

Christie |

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