E-books: Danger, danger!

The early adopters among you know this already: It's devishly easy to buy books for an e-reader. Devishly easy. Why you can even buy e-books from your favorite independent bookstore. A click or two and you're reading.

Raised to be parsimonious in all things but book buying, this spells "trouble."

Given the weird state of the Nake-id diet, a lot of the purchases--electronic and "dead tree"--are cookbooks. The one pictured above is by a triumvirate of raw food stars, who are rethinking their 100 percent raw diets based on emerging nutritional knowledge and how they feel. Inside are 100 raw and semi-raw recipes, including some by Chad Sarno, who had me with his seitan brisket sauce.

The Whole Plants Cookbook has also come into my possession by LeAnne Campbell Disla, Phd. (Dad wrote The China Study.) Along with a handful of others.

So as to not allow these gems to languish, I'm committing (here we go...) to cook and report on one new recipe a week from different books on the veg cookbook shelf.

More fun to come.


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