Eat like an Ethiopian

Buying cookbooks has become something of a avocational hazard.

When this surfaced on the internets--vegan, gluten-free Ethopian food deconstructed for neophytes...let's just say my Pay Pal is shaming on me, for clicking "submit" yet again.

Papa Tofu is by Kittee Berns, who keeps a lively vegan food blog and spent about 10 years perfecting her Ethiopian cuisine. Designed in the spirit of 'zines of yore (read 1990s), Papa Tofu is a sweet, charming throwback in these days of digital everything. Crafty, fabric illustrations punctuate the witty text, which provides basic terminology, ways to make difficult-to-source ingredients and simple recipes. Once you have the niter kibbeh, teff and berbere, you're good to go.

It's refreshing to hold something that's actually been printed and loved from the spoon to each delightful image.

Time for a trip to the international food Mecca and a little stove-top travel.

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