Editrix from hell

Does your inner editor ever get the best of you?

Mostly, mine stays put with the occasional outing reserved for Mitch, "You're not going to wear that"? Or the cats, "For God's sake, get off the keyboard"!

And when I'm writing, she's always there to make sure I don't get a swelled head.

Last night, faced with the prospect of frogging that damned shrug a second time, I am reminded of the value editors bring to a project. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with this pattern, except after completing the garment my arms looked like kielbassa sausages and my breasts, like they had been subjected to heat and pumped through an extruder. This may be more a problem of body type than writing, but I would argue that a caveat like, "more is more when it comes to knitting wrapalicious garments. Error on the side of knitting too much as opposed to too little," might go a long way. I read the measurements on the schematic literally, but should have recognized that this item is meant to kiss the body, not hug it.

Never fear, I'll unseam the arms and reknit the collar to unencumber the girls.

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April 25. 2008 09:12

I do like your new look. The blog, I mean. I think you're probably right that the other look likely needs editrix attention.

Deborah Robson |

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